Lānaʻi loves animals

And so do we. Lānaʻi Veterinary Care opens in April 2023 as your island clinic for happy and healthy pets. Monthly pop-up clinics happen on select dates with appointments available from 8am-4pm. Same-day walk-ins are accommodated as time permits. Please check in with us in person or call as soon as possible on the day of the clinic. A waitlist is available on our scheduling page.

We close promptly at 4 pm so our team can fly home. Schedule your appointment online and we’ll see you in person. If there are not any appointments available, please add yourself to the waitlist found on our scheduling page. We will do everything we can to squeeze you in.

Health Care

Our high-tech mobile treatment center features a surgery suite, exam area, digital x-ray capabilities and more. Our veterinary team has helped thousands of pet animals and represent more than 20 years of collective experience. Our professionals have served animals worldwide and we specialize in bringing services to underserved communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Specific questions about your pets personal health care will be addressed during your appointment. General info questions can be sent to LanaiVeterinaryCare@gmail.com.  Calls to 808-563-0588 are returned on Mondays and Wednesdays. For emergencies on days when there is no clinic, contact an O‘ahu or Maui veterinarian.
If your pet has an emergency when our clinic is open, we may be able to help. Otherwise, seek care with an O‘ahu or Maui clinic.
All pets must have a health exam first followed by the subsequent surgery appointment. Bloodwork (nominal fee) prior to surgery date is recommended to identify underlying issues that may complicate the surgery.  The Lānaʻi Cat Sanctuary no longer covers the costs for the exam and surgery so please email us at LanaiVeterinaryCare@gmail.com to get a better idea of cost associated with the proceedure.
We are working towards offering clinics twice a month.  Current hours are 8 am to 4 pm by appointment. Same day walk-ins are accommodated as time permits. Soon we will be offering tele-health appointments. Hours and dates are subject to change. Services are subject to veterinarian availability and flight delays.
Due to limited Lānaʻi options, we set up an online pharmacy through VetSource. Our veterinarians will prescribe various medicines based on your pet’s needs. You will be sent an email describing the medicine and the next steps. Once you make your payment, the medicine will be shipped directly to you. We will have a limited supply of medicine on hand for more common issues.
Appointments are available from 8am-4pm. Same day walk-ins are accommodated as time permits. Please check in with us in person or call us at 808-563-0588 as soon as possible on the day of the clinic.
Or call us for a standby appointment in the event of a cancellation. Nail trims are from 3pm-4pm on the first visit of each month. No appointment is necessary.

Routine nail trims, anal gland expressions and ear cleanings will be available on clinic days. Please sign up HERE and we will contact you a few days prior to let you know what time to bring your pet. Appointment times are determined once medical appointments are confirmed. Please note – Your pet will not be seeing a veterinarian or getting an exam a these appointments! If medical concerns are noted by the technician, you will be directed to schedule an appointment for further care.

Lānaʻi Veterinary Care is owned and operated by Dr. Claire Conrath. The Lanai Cat Sanctuary operated the clinic for initially and has since passed it on to Dr. Conrath. All questions should be directed to her at LanaiVeterinaryCare@gmail.com.
Typically yes. If this is a concern, schedule an appointment with us and we’ll go over various options with you.

Due to laws regulating medication and treatment, Lānaʻi Veterinary Care is not permitted to dispense medications for pets that are not patients except for non-prescription medications (such as Dasuquin) and shampoos.

Bring your pet to see our veterinarians so that we can help with medication refills or other advice in between in-person visits! If your pet is not a patient, we will be limited in how much we can help between visits.

Request a copy of your records so we can know your pet’s medical history and needs. Lānaʻi Veterinary Care partners with online pharmacy Vetsource for pet medications on an ongoing basis and not only when the veterinarians are on island.

Aloha for Animals

We are ready to serve as your partner, committed to delivering the very best veterinary services to Lānaʻi’s animals. We take a holistic approach to happy and healthy pets and strive to best understand each individual animal and their ohana. Healthy food, an active lifestyle and high quality care go hand in paw to ensure a great life. Your furry family members get top-notch, expert care that’s compassionate and caring.